Search ranking can be greatly affected by the domain age. As this is the case, many website owners have preferred buying old domain names so as to be benefited from the aging. This is not a bad idea at all especially if the domain bought is relevant to the sites theme and the new site being built contains quality content. The age of the domain name is one of the many factors on Google’s search engine algorithm.

The Benefits of Using an Aged Domain It is a fact like for instance, a finely aged wine will deliver unparalleled benefits as compared to the prematurely bottled vintages. In fact, many a mature varietal can actually stand on reputation alone in the minds of consumers. This is similar to the aged domain.

Google usually uses an intricate algorithm that makes consideration many factors, that includes the quantity and quality of links associated with a particular site. For newer organisations going live with completely new websites, building credibility in both the quality and quantity categories, while not impossible, can prove a long uphill promotional climb. Many SEO service London and UK SEO firms find that it takes them up to even two years to stop being associated with fly by night spammer sites and truly gain traction in the search engines.

However, an aged domain can instantly level the playing field for newer businesses. In many cases, using an aged domain at the onset of an online marketing campaign comes with some of the following benefits: -Help to reduce ramp-up times -It usually enhances SEO results almost immediately -Mature sites already have a recognised online reputation that helps it quickly bypass newer sites in the eyes of search engine giants -An already established aged domain comes ready to rank for relevant competitive terms -Many reputable sites specializing in aged domains offer them at exceptionally budget-friendly price points.


An aged domain name makes sense because it may already be ranking well in the search engines based on past performance. If you work smart by buying one of these established domain names from SEO service UK providers, you will be able to start making money right away or at a faster rate than with a new domain name. If this is your goal, then you would want to strongly consider using this savvy marketing tool.